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Workplace Wellness

Employees participating in the County's Biggest Winner transformation challenge

Miami-Dade Parks, Recreation and Open Spaces employees participating in the County’s ”Biggest Winner” transformation challenge

Obesity is one of the leading public health concerns within Miami-Dade County, and it affects residents of every age, race, sex, ethnic group and income level. Miami-Dade County Government is starting to address the issue internally by taking steps to improve health and wellness through a new pilot program for its workforce — the  Miami-Dade County Wellness Works Program.

Currently, the program has been rolled out to Parks, Recreation and Open Spaces department employees and its mission is to inspire healthy behavior change among employees through improved nutrition, physical activity, education and support. Its immediate goals include:


  • Encouraging daily physical activity level
  • Encouraging healthy eating behaviors
  • Discouraging tobacco use
  • Promoting worksite wellness initiatives to Miami-Dade County Parks, Recreation and Open Spaces Department employees

Since positive change starts with information, a communications plan has been rolled out to engage County employees in this new program. Its components have included:

  • Placement of signage encouraging employees to take the stairs, quit smoking, eat healthy, get moving and be active
  • Bio screen testing through health provider Av-Med has been set up in two locations, which have been geographically positioned to attain a baseline condition and status of health for all employees
  • Introduction of a “Biggest Winner” transformation challenge to kick off the New Year, encouraging participation in current Wellness Works programs

We’ll be keeping 305fit.org site readers abreast of the latest development in our efforts to improve wellness in our workforce. Check back for updates! In the meantime, see what else we’ve been up to…

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